CLOUDED@ What Matters Festival, London
An experiment on cognitive augmentation, collaborative curation and interfacing videos content from YouTube

Conceived by Marlon Barrios Solano, artist in residence at What Matters Festival, London, UK, Consultant: Lenara Verle. Development and conception partially supported by What Matters Festival, DanceDigitalUK, ICK Amsterdam, STEIM, University of Bedfordshire and Live Arts Development Agency.

CLOUDED@ is an experiment on participatory curatorial tactics within art contexts, interfacing video content from the massive YouTube video sharing site. It is aimed to create a mutating symbiotic space inside festivals, a hybrid space conflating curatorial visions with a participatory and open architecture. In CLOUDED@, the temporary microcosm, knowledge economy and community created by the event, is augmented by a swarming ecosystem of ideas carried and re embodied via online videos. The event’s curatorial frame is used as an associative node. The community gathered by the event organizers is invited as co-curators and co creators of a playlist of you tube videos. It produces co-curated knowledge with a human based recommendation system.

CLOUDED@ attempts to facilitate an idea/video dialogue that may register the thinking and associative idea network as an specific cultural context for the event. A context that is only afforded by the interaction of specific minds, new internet technologies and specific referential knowledge flows. Ideally, the guest co-curators are from several disciplines, professional levels and nationalities and the playlist in it self becomes a trigger/conduit it self, generating anonymous associative ripples and accumulations that are not centered on the representation of self and individual knowledge. I conceive CLOUDED@, as a system that that may deploy a context for the “adjacent possible”. The scientist Stuart Kauffman defines “the adjacent possible” as a kind of shadow future hovering on the edge of present state of things, a map of all the ways in which the present can reinvent it self. Yet it is not an infinite space, or a totally open playing field…

What the adjacent possible tells us is that at any moment the world is capable of extraordinary change, bun only certain changes can happen. (Its) strange and beautiful truth is that is that its boundaries grow as you explore those boundaries. Together, we create a changing yet organized context to explore the adjacent possible articulated as a nonlinear navigation map for the ecology of ideas that surrounds an event.

For CLOUDED@ What Matters Festival, the guests curators are invited to suggests at least two videos from YouTube that may respond the question: “What Matters.. ” to them personally and for their work/life at this moment. They are invited to suggest videos that MUST be watched, that we should not miss. It is suggested to the guests, not to recommend their own work directly. They can frame it with the phrase as: Have you seen this? The collaborators are credited as guest co-curators without identifying the suggested video: they become a crowd and their videos are from the “cloud”.

The recommended videos are offered in several formats:

1. As a floating cloud transparent QR code representing each video.The visitor may interact with the CLOUD watching the videos with their own portable devices and with one scanning station placed on the center of the space
2. As a playlist in YouTube that loops on a laptop with small spackers in the same space and can also be watched on the internet
3. As a printed and downloadable pdf that the visitor can take with them
4. On the installation website

The festival visitors (and anybody) may send their suggestions to be included in the playlist via email: and they will be added. You need an app on your smart phone or tablet to scan the QR codes. Search in your own APP store or market.

Guest co-curators for CLOUDED@ What Matters Festival:

Andrew Mitchelson
Becky Edmunds
Gilles Jobin
Henry Montes
Katharina Plethke
Kelda Free and David Brazier
Julia Bardsley
Jeannette Ginslov
Marlon Barrios Solano
Marta Renzi
Magali Charrier
Nilesh Patel
Nik Haffner
Lois Keidan
Lucy Cash
Sheila Ghelani
Tamara Ashley
Simon Ellis